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After spending years behind
the scenes at some of the most
coveted fashion shows in the world

Ehricka Wallace honed her edge in the makeup industry as NYFW’s experienced artists. Fast forward to today and you’ll not only find Ehricka creating some of the most on-trend looks of the season, but she’ll be with a camera in-hand making highschool girls feel confident in front of the lens so they can feel like themselves, just more glammed up!

It’s with this glittery passion Ehricka is able to bring her bold personality and colorful style into capturing stunning senior portraits for teen girls. This luxurious experience is not to be missed as you celebrate your graduation and the next chapter of your life.

Clients have included

Michael Kors,

United States Olympic Gymnastics Association,

TV News Personalities and more!

It’s time to get glamourous!

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